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North Billerica, MA 01862

Full Time

40 hours per week

POSTED 8/26/2022

EXPIRES 11/24/2022

Job Description

Billerica company is looking to hire a Welder

Have comprehensive knowledge of maintenance operations and be able to use the tools of the job in performance of work assigned. Ensures operation of machinery and mechanical equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements on engines, motors, pneumatic tools, conveyor systems, and production machines; following diagrams, sketches, operations manuals, manufacturer's instructions, and engineering specifications; troubleshooting malfunctions. Senior knowledge of industrial air, water and hydraulic systems. Perform such operations as needed in connection with block tapping, simple blacksmithing, forging, welding of special tools and rollers (within limits of plant facilities), plumbing and electrical work within limits allowed by city ordinance and safety requirements. Ability to perform overhauls and repairs to all machines, building and other equipment. Weld with minimum porosity, inclusions, or cracks on a variety of in commonly used materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, common aluminum alloys, copper nickel alloys, etc., and hold alignment, dimensions, and general inspection standards with minimum distortion. Must obtain proper weld characteristics with no supervision. Do gas cutting, gas welding, simple brazing and hand forming, wire brushing, and plasma cutting as well as be able to perform grinding operations on his own weld joints. Level of Supervision Varies per Class.

Benefits include:

Overtime: Time and one-half (1-1/2x) the employee's regular rate shall be paid for all hours worked over eight (8) in the workday or forty (40) in the workweek, whichever yields the greater compensation. Double time (2x) shall be paid for all hours worked over twelve (12) in the workday and for all hours worked on Sundays.

Shift Differential: One dollar and seventy-five cents ($1.75) per hour shift differential will be paid to all employees on the second shift. Two dollars ($2.00) per hour will be paid to all employees on the third shift. Additionally, second & third shift employees receive a paid meal break.

Paid Holidays  Eleven (11) paid Holidays and three (3) paid Personal Days, aka: Personal Floating Holidays are provided throughout the calendar year from April to February of the following year.

Personal Days

Paid Vacations

Earned Sick Time

Clothing Allowance Employees will receive five hundred dollars ($500.00) annually for the purchase of required work clothing and safety shoes. New employees to receive clothing allowance after their trial period is successfully completed.

Healthcare  The Insurance includes Medical, Dental & Vision. Beginning their first week of employment


Positions range from entry level to experienced

Pay Rate Depends on experience $27.15 - $28.65 to start depending on level hired.

To find out more information including a summary of benefits or to apply please email timothy.hovey@masshirelowellcc.com

How To Apply

To apply please email timothy.hovey@masshirelowellcc.com


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