Inclusion Specialist

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Lowell, MA 01852

Full Time

40 hours per week

POSTED 10/16/2023

EXPIRES 1/14/2024

Job Description

The Inclusion Specialist provides support, guidance and expertise to children, teachers, staff and families in early learning and school age programs to ensure each child is given the opportunity to reach his/her potential in all areas of development. The Inclusion Specialist displays and encourages our core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility, in all interactions.

Develop and ensure local implementation of best practices in environmental design, classroom management, social/emotional development, curriculum development, and staff/child engagement for the success of all participants.
Respond to referrals from sites by initiating consultation steps with the site leadership team.
Conduct and document observations and provide feedback to leadership staff to begin the process of goal development for modifications, accommodations, and behavior strategies.
Work with individuals and groups of students by providing guidance, modeling expectations, and teaching social/emotional skills.
In conjunction with program leadership staff, review behavioral incident reports, monitor for patterns, and develop individual plans to support the child's inclusion in the program.
Develop delivery expectations, appropriate modifications and accommodations based on observations and goals to support the plan delivery.
Train and mentor the teachers/staff on the implementation of individual plans to support the success of delivery and outcome for the child.
Conduct follow-up assessments to observe the child's progress, monitor effectiveness and goal development, adjust as needed.
Develop best practices for the implementation of our social and emotional development curriculum and other research-based programs to mentor and support teachers/staff.
Assist in the facilitation of team meetings.
Create and facilitate educational opportunities, not limited to but including workshops, staff development, and family engagement.
Provide recommendations for families to utilize tools, strategies and/or referral resources.
Work in collaboration with the Director to identify training needs that address the needs/behaviors of children served.
With the Director, maintain positive relationships with community agencies and public-school systems. Work with parents to ensure participation in all meetings involving the family (IEP, etc).
Serve as a liaison between the YMCA and other agencies to ensure the integration and coordination of services, smooth transitions, and reporting as needed.
Collaborate with other departments or local Ys to support program participants.
All other duties as assigned by the supervisor.

A bachelor's degree in Human Services, Special Education, or related field of study
At least 3 year's experience working with children and youth in a variety of programs including those with at risk behavior, exhibiting "red flags" or a diagnosed disability.
Must provide and maintain documents and certifications within educator file as required by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care.
Must complete all training/certifications and program orientation in accordance with Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care and the YMCA.
Knowledge of and experience working with state agencies and community resources.
Ability to demonstrate sound judgment and appropriate response when working with children, families, and staff in program settings.

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