HVAC Technician/Craftsperson
City of Lowell - DPW

Job Order #: 19809834

Lowell, MA 01851

Full Time

40 hours per week

POSTED 10/18/2023

EXPIRES 1/16/2024

Job Description



  • Installs heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, including controls and related fixtures such as air and water filters and piping by using refrigeration, pipe fitting and structural layout techniques, blueprints, appropriate machines, tools and work aids to join tubing and/or pipes; to cut and thread pipes; to solder or braze joints; to mount compressor and condenser units; and to connect motors, compressors, temperature controls, humidity controls and circulating ventilation fans to electrical power sources.
  • Checks equipment for malfunctioning by observing pressure and vacuum gauges and other indicators; by adjusting controls in testing joints and connections for gas leaks; by injecting refrigerant and adjusting vent valves, controls and pumps; and by using testing equipment such as voltmeters, ohmmeters, amprobes, etc. to ensure proper operation.
  • Maintains, rebuilds, and repairs by replacing worn or defective parts such as switches, fuses, thermostats, and electrical wiring; by pumping specified gas or fluids into systems; by adding necessary liquids; by lubricating motors and bearings; and by changing filters.
  • Calculates heat loads for new installations; analyzes and treats both open and closed water systems such as cooling towers by adding algaecides to prevent the spread of airborne bacteria.
  • Monitors, controls and reprograms automation controls, pneumatic and direct digital controls. Maintains, repairs and check pneumatic control, valves and lines.
  • Operates associated power tools and instruments related to field of work.
  • Performs related duties such as making and assembling metal ducts and chassis parts for heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems; drilling holes for mounting brackets; screwing, boring, riveting and welding parts to assemble structural and functional components such as motors, controls, switches and gauges, and installing shells and cabinets of systems. Maintains a driver’s license and operates city vehicles.
  • Works with interns and vocational students from area vocational high school (GLRTHS) or other trade-related organizations to train future workers. Schedules tasks for any assigned intern/vocational students as needed or assigned.
  • Keeps daily logs of materials used and follows prescribed departmental protocol for inventory control and management.
  • Enters time and materials used on each job site in either paper or electronic forms in the system utilized by the Department of Public Works for managing and scheduling work orders. Keeps track and manages time associated with assigned work orders.
  • Periodically reviews outstanding work order requests with supervisors for further assignment or follow-up with requestor.
  • Performs craftsmen duties as assigned. 


At least two years related experience and/or training in the installation, maintenance and repair of heating, refrigeration, ventilating and air conditioning systems. A certificate or diploma from a recognized institution above the high school level may be substituted, as evidence of completion of a one-two year program in refrigeration and heating may be substituted for the required experience. 


HVAC Certification required. MA Refrigeration Technician's license required. Valid motor vehicle operator’s license required.

Salary: $29.3996/hour (min) to $33.9536/hour (max); 40 hours per week

Please email Shaun McCarthy at shaun.mccarthy@masshirelowellcc.com for the full job description and more information on how to apply

How To Apply

Please email Shaun McCarthy at shaun.mccarthy@masshirelowellcc.com for more information on how to apply


1365 Middlesex Street
Lowell, MA 01851

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$29.40 - $33.95 per hour


  • Major Medical
  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Plan
  • Vacation Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Mileage Reimbursement
  • Paid Holidays
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