Research Associate, Drug Product Develop
Moderna Therapeutics

Job Order #: 20407211

Cambridge, MA 02141

Full Time

40 hours per week

POSTED 2/10/2024

EXPIRES 5/5/2024

Job Description

The Role:

We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated Research Associate in Drug Product Development respiratory team, to work in a team developing Moderna's sterile drug product processes and products that enable clinical and future commercial supply. The primary role for this position will be to support product concept development including process development and scale-up work, container development and conditions of use studies. The incumbent will support the development of compositions, aseptic fill/finish unit operations through the development and use of scale-down models, process characterization studies etc. Applicants should have relevant pharmaceutical sciences related experience with various aspects of drug product development. The applicant should have exceptional ability to plan, execute and report, to communicate and collaborate, and requires strong attention to detail while working in a fast-paced, interdisciplinary environment.

Here's What You'll Do:

* Conduct studies to support scale-up of drug product manufacturing (e.g. freeze/thaw, mixing, filling, filtration, lyophilization, transport etc).

* Develop protocols and analytical methods to evaluate the compatibility of the drug product with processing materials, container closure components, and sterilization processes.

* Provide support to drug product development activities executed in collaboration with Moderna's Pilot organization, including toxicology fills stability fill operations.

* Plan, organize and execute experiments (using DoE where possible) - prepare study protocols and summarize the development results with presentations and study reports.

* Communicate and collaborate with various groups such as analytical development to execute experiments and compile data.

* Support the device and combination team with studies for process trouble-shooting and investigations.

* Perform a range of routine and non-routine characterization techniques, including opacity testing, microscopy, particle sizing etc.

* Develop processes suitable to ensure long-term stability of vialed drug product.

* Maintain an up-to-date ELN with good documentation practices

* Closely collaborate with multiple groups to generate innovative solutions to challenging formulation and process problems.

Here's What You'll Bring to the Table:

* Education Qualifications - Masters or Bachelor's Degree in on one of the following fields: Chemical Engineering, Biochemical or Biomedical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences, or any related or sub-disciplines of the above.

* Relevant Experience: 0 - 2 years post Master's Degree or 0 - 4 years post Bachelor's Degree.

* Exceptional laboratory skills with ability to work efficiently and productively in a highly dynamic environment.

* Prior experience with analytical tools and chemistry, and ability to interpret the results.

* Knowledge of statistical design of experiments (DoE) and analysis

* Knowledge of nucleic acid chemistry and biology is a plus

* Prior experience with respiratory drug delivery is a plus

* Preferred: Experience with QC or QA

* Preferred: Experience in BioPharma, BioPharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical, or Biotechnology industry

* Preferred: Experience with nanoparticle formulation technology

* Pr
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320 Bent St.
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