Office Support Specialist I
Department of Mental Health

Job Order #: 20585975

Tewksbury, MA 01876

Full Time

37.5 hours per week

POSTED 3/21/2024

EXPIRES 6/19/2024

Job Description

General Statement of Duties and Responsibilities
The Department of Mental Health (DMH), Psychiatric Units, Tewksbury Hospital is seeking an experienced and dynamic professional for the position of Office Support Specialist I to provide administrative support the Central Nursing Office (CNO) supervisors.

Please Note:  Full time, 37.5 hours per week, 9:00am-5:00pm.  Days off:  Sat/Sun

Detailed Statement of Duties and Responsibilities (these are a general summary and are not all inclusive):???????????
Assists the CNO Supervisors by placing calls for overtime if needed.
Completes booked overtime each Thursday by reviewing staffing sheets and voluntary overtime lists and booking staff for overtime where needed.  Posts voluntary overtime sheets each Thursday.
Checks clinical schedules for accuracy to include approved paid time off usage and overtime booking.
Maintains Nursing Department scheduling information for all shifts and units and makes appropriate adjustments according to policy.
Documents staff time by reviewing and adjusting, as indicated, staff swipes within the SSTA System to ensure complete and accurate payroll records.
Reviews/oversees payroll and staffing issues with the Clerk 3.
Assists with submission of staff Time Collection Device (TCD) swipes in the MassHR payroll system in a timely manner.
Submission of weekly time sheets to MassHR each week by 12:00 pm.
Adjust staff?s incorrect swipes in the HR/CMS payroll system in a timely manner.
Review printouts of time submission for discussion with employees to identify and adjust incorrect swipes.
Completes all adjustments/submissions in HR/CMS system on Monday mornings for final approval by Managers before the 12:00 pm deadline.
Meets with Nurse Managers on a regular basis to provide screen print outs for time submissions to identify trends or patterns of attendance issues.
Assists the Hiring Coordinator and Office Support Specialist with the processing of all clerical interviews and new hires.
Continuously works on the organization of the CNO and DON offices by updating files, manuals, keeping an adequate supply of forms and filing.
Maintains relationships with College Affiliates by ensuring that student rotations are coordinated in a timely and accurate manner.  Distributes keys and badges to the students on their first day and keeps records of such.
Serves as back-up to the CNO Clerk 3 by booking patient appointments and completing payroll as needed.
Serves as back-up to the Office Support Specialist.  Opens, stamps and distributes mail, assigns coverage to the unit clerical staff as needed and completes assignments for the Director of Nursing, Assistant Director of Nursing, Clinical Nurse Specialist and Nurse Managers as assigned.
Performs clerical duties as assigned which may include typing of forms, reports, meeting minutes, charts, and memoranda.
Answers telephones, transfers calls, takes messages, documents sick calls and answers questions to facilitate communication in the work area.
Makes photocopies, faxes documents, operates standard office machines and equipment.  Maintains orderly filing system allowing access to required information.
Participates in maintaining a safe environment by requesting repairs for unsafe conditions, completing work orders, and advising supervisory staff.
Utilizes word processor to develop reports, type correspondence, etc. to maximize utilization of time.
Maintains adequate supply of forms for the Central Nursing Office.
Compliance with all applicable state and federal laws including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) regulations which govern the privacy and confidentiality of information about patients.
Other related duties as required.

Qualifications Required at Hire
·       Knowledge of the English language including spelling, word meaning and word usage.
·       Ability to read, write and comprehend the English language.

How To Apply

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