Head of Commercial Data
Moderna Therapeutics

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Cambridge, MA 02141

Full Time

40 hours per week

POSTED 6/8/2024

EXPIRES 9/1/2024

Job Description

The Role:

We are seeking a highly motivated Head of Commercial Data to spearhead our data engineering, analytics and dashboarding, and data science teams. Your role is pivotal in evolving Moderna's data practices and standards, emphasizing the delivery of value through advanced AI and automation. You will lead the strategy and execution to leverage data as a critical asset, driving our mission to advance healthcare and therapeutic solutions. This is a unique opportunity to build and shape commercial at Moderna. You will flex your dynamic range, push past possible and behave like an owner in this role. Your work will directly contribute to Moderna's mission of having the greatest impact on human life by saving lives through the development of life-saving therapies and vaccines.

Here's What You'll Do:

* Leadership and Strategy. You'll provide visionary leadership for our Commercial data engineering, analytics, and data science teams. You will develop and implement a comprehensive strategy aligned with our Commercial objectives focused on iterative delivery and emphasizing innovation through AI and automation.

* Data Practices and Standards Evolution. Champion the evolution of data practices, ensuring they support scalable, efficient, and effective data management and analysis. You will establish and enforce high standards for data quality, governance, and security.

* Value Delivery through AI and Automation. You will drive initiatives that leverage AI, machine learning, and automation to enhance decision-making, optimize operations, and deliver actionable insights. You will ensure that these initiatives translate into tangible value for Moderna, enhancing our capabilities to advance our commercial solutions.

* Cross-functional Collaboration. Work closely with our technology, business, and operations teams to ensure a cohesive data strategy that supports cross-functional needs and initiatives. You will foster a culture of data-driven decision making throughout the organization.

* Innovation and Continuous Improvement. You will have practical examples of how you have leveraged the latest trends and technology in data science, AI, and machine learning and have a passion for keeping abreast of the changes that will influence our future. You will advocate for and implement innovative solutions that can provide competitive advantages or operational efficiencies for Moderna.

* Talent Management and Development. You will attract, retain, and develop top talent within the data teams, creating a culture of excellence, innovation, and continuous learning. You will ensure your team members have the resources and opportunities to achieve their full potential.

Here's What You'll Bring to the Table:

To be considered for this role, you should have the following qualifications:

* Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science, Data Science, Bioinformatics, or a related field.

* 10+ years of experience in data roles with a significant track record in data science, analytics, and engineering.

* Proven leadership abilities in managing diverse teams and large-scale data initiatives.

* Expertise in AI, machine learning, and automation technologies with a demonstrated ability to apply these in a corporate setting to drive value.

* Strong understanding of data governance, quality st
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320 Bent St.
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