Director of Housing

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POSTED 6/11/2024

EXPIRES 9/9/2024

Job Description

Context and Job Summary
UTEC believes that everyone has the right to stable housing. Safe and secure housing allows everyone to meet an important basic need from which all individuals can build to create and meet their goals. UTEC also acknowledges that the housing needs of emerging young adults are different and unique. UTEC?s housing approach will align with our justice-driven values and ensure a creative and equitable approach to ensure young adults attain and retain permanent short- and long-term housing.

The Director of Housing will develop and launch a new housing strategy to help young adults find a path toward long-term stable, safe housing.  UTEC recently received a state grant to set up a system based upon a sponsorship voucher program model to secure housing for young adults who have been released from incarceration. The Director of Housing should have knowledge in the housing voucher programs and be interested in developing initiative strategies to support our young adult needs. They will work in collaboration with leadership to develop the systems and policies needed to launch this new initiative. This Director will be responsible for building relationships with brokers, landlords, and external partners and securing housing for young adults. This position will facilitate ongoing communication for housing issues and advocacy by working with young adults, and community partners, participating on community and stakeholder committees, and monitoring trends related to accessible, integrated, and affordable housing. The Housing Director will also have the opportunity to grow a team to support this new initiative.

The Housing Director will facilitate housing searches including providing advocacy and negotiation with property owners on behalf of clients; gather all pertinent paperwork to identify new affordable housing stock through cultivating and maintaining relationships with property owners, housing authorities, and other community organizations; and identify apartments for client placement that meet safety and health standards.

Create a 5 year strategic plan to help young adults transition from UTEC?s voucher program into a long-term, stable housing option
Identify resources and technical skills needed for young adults to maintain good standing in the voucher program
Developing policies and procedures for housing initiatives to ensure the effective management of residential facilities
Manage compliance requests from state/government and regulatory agencies
Develop a robust system of referrals to agencies that provide needed support for unsustainable households
Fostering relationships and developing regular communications with external partners including state housing officials
Develop relationships with local landlords to foster placement opportunities for UTEC young adults
Maintain an accurate understanding of relevant state and federal program eligibility rules, application requirements, and processes
Monitor the quality review and disbursement process
Working in collaboration with the Director of Re-Entry, Director of Outreach, and Director of Transitional Coaching to determine neighborhoods and locations best suited for young adults
Research and develop Innovative housing practices that support young adults in being independent and successful
Ability to research and locate appropriate available rental units for clients with the broker
Develop a creative incentive program for landlords
Facilitate ongoing communication for housing issues and advocacy by working with young adults, and community partners, participating on community and stakeholder committees, and monitoring trends related to accessible, integrated, and affordable housing
Provide monthly reports to the funder and other relevant metrics
Participate in Housing Boards, community meetings, and task forces geared towards creating policies that benefit our consumers
Responsible for budget management

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