Die Cast Operator

Job Order #: 15353471

North Billerica, MA 01862-0000

Full Time

50 hours per week

POSTED 8/18/2021

EXPIRES 11/16/2021

Job Description

Company in North Billerica is looking for 2 full time Die Cast Operator candidates
1st and 2nd Shifts
1st - 6am -4pm
2nd 3:45pm - 1:45am

Die Cast department is generally required to operate one or more die casting machines in strict compliance with approved processes. Responsible for achieving die casting quality and the periodic recording of process readings related to process effectiveness. Die Cast operations require a substantial number of manual operations such as machine cycle start, hand spraying, positioning of inserts in die cast tool, de-flashing parts and dies, removing hot die castings from the machine, visually inspecting die castings and taking measurements to ensure conformance to specification. Employees are responsible for setting-up, operate, and make adjustments to die cast machines and all related equipment.

Job Functions:
Learn the die cast process including the function of the die, gates and runners, venting systems.
Evaluate the effects of the equipment on the quality of the parts.
Observe continuous operation of manual and/or automatic machines to ensure that products meet specifications and to detect malfunctions, making adjustments as instructed.
Measure and visually inspect products for surface and dimension defects in order to ensure conformance to specifications.
Set up, operate, or tend die casting machines to cast metal parts or products.
Position and secure work pieces on machines.
Remove finished products from dies using hand tools, air hoses and other equipment.
Trim excess material from parts.
Place product into appropriate container.
Install dies onto machines or presses.
Accurately record production transactions and work time.
Must follow all safety rules and policies as set forth by OSHA guidelines and Pace Industries policies and procedures as outlined in the employee manual.

·Ability to communicate clearly and effectively with others.
·Demonstrates a high level of dependability in all aspects of the job
·Ability to learn and properly apply new job-related information in a timely manner
·Ability to perform basic measurement and basic math tasks.
·Ability to follow work instructions
·Performs jobs in a manner that minimizes hazards to self, others and the environment. Maintains a physical work environment that contributes to the well-being of others. Being aware of conditions or circumstances that affect one?s own safety or the safety of others.
·Produces results or provides service that meets or exceeds set standards. Monitors and checks work to meet quality standards; demonstrates a high level of care and thoroughness; checks work to ensure completeness and accuracy

Required Experience:
High School Diploma desired.
Some vocational training desired.
Experience meeting set production rates.
Physical Demands:

If interested, please apply email timothy.hovey@masshirelowellcc.com

How To Apply

If interested, please apply email timothy.hovey@masshirelowellcc.com


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Per Diem Position

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$16.00 per hour


  • Major Medical
  • Vision Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Paid Holidays


Timothy Hovey


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Lowell, MA 01852