Plumbing & Gasfitting Inspector
City of Springfield

Job Order #: 19841019

Springfield, MA 01103

Full Time

37.5 hours per week

POSTED 10/24/2023

EXPIRES 12/11/2023

Job Description


Position Purpose/Summary
Responsible for inspecting new and old plumbing and gas fitting systems, and for enforcing conformity with municipal ordinances, state laws, and accepted practices relating to their installation, alteration, removal, replacement and repair. Although new or unusual problems may be referred to a superior for advice and assistance, work is ordinarily performed independently in the field, and decisions made require considerable technical discretion and judgment. Correction of deviations and defects is effected chiefly through education and persuasion at the scene, but court action is initiated when necessary to enforce compliance. Work is reviewed through oral and written reports. No supervision is exercised over other employees.

Essential Functions
Examines plans and specifications in connection with applications for permits for the installation, alteration and repair of plumbing, gas fitting, refrigeration, sprinkler, water heating, air conditioning, individual sewage disposal and related systems, for conformity with legal requirements.
Advises plumbers, gasfitters, owners, architects, engineers, and lawyers on plumbing, gas fitting, and sprinkler problems and interprets codes, laws and regulations.
Inspects plumbing systems in the process of installation, repair and alteration for compliance with legal requirements as to layout and assembly, tightness of joints, sizes and materials of piping, safety devices, trapping and venting of drains, defective or unsanitary fixtures, sanitary drainage, and for conformity of the completed installation with approved plans.
Inspects gas fitting systems and gas-fired appliances for compliance with legal requirements as to:  safety devices, size and type of piping, tightness of joints, location and connections of appliances, and conformity of the completed installation with approved plans.
Periodically inspects old and potentially dangerous, unhealthy or unsanitary plumbing and gas fitting installations.
Investigates complaints and obtains evidence as to violations of the plumbing and gas fitting codes and laws.
Issues verbal or written orders for the correction of deviations from codes and laws, including hazards and defects of material and workmanship. Follows up to ensure compliance.
Obtains show-cause orders from the Clerk of Courts, and appears in court to enforce compliance and to testify in accident or damage suits.
Prepares reports to superiors covering inspections made, conditions found, action taken and recommendations for future action.
Performs related work as required within the scope of 248CMR 10.04

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Thorough knowledge of municipal ordinances and state statutes governing plumbing and gas fitting.
Thorough knowledge of the methods, materials and techniques of plumbing and gas fitting.
Ability to read and interpret rough and finished plans and specifications for plumbing, gas fitting, and related installations.
Ability to express oneself clearly and concisely, orally and in writing.
Ability to enforce regulations firmly, tactfully and impartially.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with plumbers, gasfitters, architects, property owners, representatives or other state and municipal departments and the general public.

Education and Experience
Associate's degree or equivalent from a two year college or technical school.
Considerable experience as a journeyman or master plumber.
mandatory continued training issued by the state of 12 hours

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